We wanted to share a question we had come our way. "I have family member with terrible varicose veins. They had vein stripping many years ago. Is there an alternative?"

Varicose veins are extremely common affecting 1 out of 4 individuals. Often times, multiple family members have varicose veins. Over the last few years, treatment options have become less invasive and less painful, making office-based treatment a convenient and pleasant option.  ClosureFast is a common method for treating varicose veins, and involves using a very small catheter to “close” the vein rather than stripping (pulling) it out. This is done through a very tiny incision.

A newer, equally effective treatment is VenaSeal. The VenaSeal technique uses a very small catheter to inject a type of glue to “close” the saphenous vein and involves very little discomfort. Both procedures take under a half hour to complete and have minimal down-time.  Most patients return to work the very next day. We proudly offer both procedures as the gold-standards for treating the underlying cause of most varicose veins.

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