Veins allow blood to flow from our arms and legs back to the heart. One out of four people have veins in the legs that do not function properly. Over time, the legs can swell and veins underneath the skin can become enlarged and twisted in appearance. This can be noticed more in people who spend a lot of time standing and people often recall a close family member with varicose veins.

Varicose veins may be more than noticeable.  They may cause leg pain as well as sensation of heaviness or lack of energy.  These symptoms are often worse as the day goes on. Thankfully there are treatments to restore appearance and increase the energy in your legs. If you are suffering with varicose veins compression stockings may help but our goal is to help you look and feel your best without the need for compression stockings.

The Denton Vein Center offers minimally-invasive office-based procedures that can provide immediate relief with very little down-time. Our team at Denton Vein Center will quickly get you on track to loving your legs again. To learn more about your treatment options when it comes to varicose or spider veins, call (940) 387-7588 or schedule an appointment online with a vein expert.